Ohio DOT Matrix Evaluation - Powell, OH

The Ohio DOT performed an evaluation of the Wavetronix SmartSensor Matrix in May & June of 2011...check out the video.


Experience and Reliability

Iron Armour, LLC, was formed in November, 2010 as the distributor for Wavetronix within the states of Ohio, Kentucky, West Virginia and Western Pennsylvania.

Iron Armour was established with the End User in mind. Reliable detection and unsurpassed customer service is what we do. It is our aim to provide the best technical and customer support to you, the Traffic Engineer, Operations Manager, Signal Technician or Maintenance Contractor (not to mention the driving public).

Advanced Warning Sign - Butler County, OH

As a vehicle approaches the crest of the hill at a speed above 25 mph, the yellow beacons will activate to warn the stopped vehicle with limited site distance to prepare for  a “Vehicle Approaching When Flashing”