The SmartSensor HD

uses the latest technology to collect consistently accurate traffic data in high definition. Patented Digital Wave Radar II™ measures traffic volume, individual vehicle speed, average speed, 85th percentile speed, average headway, average gap, lane occupancy, vehicle classification and presence.

SmartSensor Advance


SmartSensor Matrix


SmartSensor HD


The SmartSensor Advance
installs above-ground and is specifically designed for installation at signal-controlled intersections. With a detection range of up to 900 feet, the SmartSensor Advance offers five foot zone resolution in up to eight user-definable zones, providing traffic managers with accurate detection and effective dilemma zone management.

The SmartSensor Matrix

is a corner radar with a 90° field of view. Vehicles that enter the user-defined zones within this field of view alert the controller with a presence detection.

Radar Vision for complete Coverage!

Continuous "true-presence" Stop Bar Detection, Dynamic Advance Detection, and proven

Freeway / Arterial ITS Detection provides complete Radar coverage to keep traffic moving for the people who trust you.

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